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Time:07:57 pm

 Microsoft Word is one thing for me to write my thoughts on. A thing to mix my thoughts on…once the thoughts leave my mind they are mixed. They retain the same substance as the original idea but are warped in their presence. Like colors…lots and lots of colors. All I can imagine though is red and blue, which makes a pretty ugly mix.

In a slightly unrelated thing…I used to think red and blue were “marry” colors. When I was very young I used to place everything into male and female categories. Something female activist groups would kill me for, but I wasn’t trying to be sexist…I just thought everything was alive. So anyway I’m here naming colors and red was obviously female and blue was obviously male. So they got married. Any car that was red had to be paired up with a blue car. Unfortunately there aren’t many blue cars on the road.

To wrap this up, see what I mean about the mixing? Look at my above post. The sentences seem to jump around a bit. That’s because I think faster than I can type, and doesn’t our brain think as fast as lightning or something like that? Ah well, I have to spellcheck this later.

Also does anybody else find it more relieving to think of ways to brutally murder someone and then say “Glad I got that off my chest.” Then to hold in the anger or to use it for such things as exercise? I brought this up and I was immediately countered that bad thoughts=feeling bad. Well, exercising wasn’t doing shit for me. I just got more pissed and irritated that I could not acknowledge that I’m fucking angry.

Has anybody else heard of the word swanky?

So…. yeah. That’s all I feel like saying.

 I’m thinking of starting a Kaine Fury and Mariah Ross fanfiction. Yes, a pairing I have never seen nothing of. And yes, I realize that is a double negative and that I started this sentence with and. I know all of this.

For the few of you are reading this, do you know of any fanwork of FxR?

Ohh..Let me make up pairing names for them, because I like torturing the little Clip dude that gives me advice that only a rocket scientist could follow. I swear! Only they can see the truth behind those goddamn shifty eyes.

Also the contest doesn’t have much entries. Not that I’m really worried. It’s an online contest. Maybe I should join my own? That would be amusing. Also Paranoidish (not the one on Livejournal the one on LucasForums) will not hurry her ass to finish her section of Oleander Meets Loboto (TUC..Title Under Construction). It is..how do you say this…infuriating beyond belief?
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Time:2005-11-15 08:29 am (UTC)
"swanky" is a great word... its root, "swank" is a great word too, but it's also a porno mag...

rovery post.
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Time:2005-11-15 09:49 pm (UTC)
One reason why I don't look up words I like on the internet. It seems the porn has taken over anything, for lack of better words.

I should have posted my theories of popular belief and conception of reality...this is a fart post.

So, yes, thanks for replying asuraweapon. The whole reason why I joined LJ, to share ideas.
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[icon] MUSINGS  Microsoft Word is one thing for me to write my… - robot hearts cannot feel
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